Here’s why you should care about the UNION BUDGET 2017


It is that time of the year again when everyone is concerned about how the government is going to change the way they spend. Have you always wondered “why the fuck should I care about the budget?”

Well, this year it all seems to be lifted up a notch. From extra tax on cigarettes to better railways, find out below the highlights of UNION BUDGET 2017


  • Affordable housing has got a boost, finally, those slums may go
  • If you’re in farming, the government wants to double your income in 5 years
  • You can’t pay more than Rs 2000 in cash to charities
  • Political donors can buy electoral bonds which can be used to fund political parties.
  • There’s been a 44% rise in tax on cigarettes. Time to kick the butt!
  • More money will be spent on national highways. Hopefully, means better highways
  • No service charge on ticket booking through IRCTC. Train tickets will be a bit cheaper
  • More railway stations will be powered by solar power
  • Colleges will have more autonomy in the future
  • Many life-saving drugs and devices will have fixed prices
  • 100 skill centers will be set up to train people in foreign languages
  • More lifts and escalators will be built in railway stations
  • More money is going to be spent on upgrading airports across India
  • Indian Railways will be safer with Rs 1 lakh crore being spent to ensure safety
  • More money is being spent on MNREGA to ensure India remains drought-free
  • Cash transactions above Rs 3 lakh are banned. Make sure you have that debit/credit card
  • If you earn Rs 2.5- 5 lakh per annum then you pay half the income tax you paid earlier!
  • Head Post Offices across districts will now offer Passport Services.
  • Tax on things needed for solar power plants have been reduced. Time to go green!
  • More debit card swipe machines to be given across India. Soon every shop might get one
  • Aadhaar Pay will be launched for those who don’t have mobile phones or bank accounts
  • A good time to start-up. More tax breaks have been given for start-ups
  • Rs 8000 crore will be spent on milk processing plants. Milk prices might drop
  • Income Tax forms are going to get even simpler. Now just a one-page form soon
  • LIC will now have a scheme to have guaranteed pension for your old relatives
  • The tax on chewing tobacco and pan masala has been doubled…Finally Swacch Bharat?
  • More money being spent on internet connectivity in rural areas. Soon wi-fi everywhere?
  • All train toilets will be bio-toilets by 2019. No more stinky loos on trains.
  • A political party can’t get more than Rs 2000 in cash from one source. Ending corruption?
  • Loan defaulters who flee might lose all property under new law. No more Vijay Mallyas?
  • If you earn up to Rs 4.5 lakh per annum you can now pay ZERO income tax!

Loving the UNION BUDGET 2017?

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