5 underrated Netflix series you must binge watch before the lockdown ends

Thank us later, because we have got the rest of the lockdown days covered for you. Admit it or not if we millennials have been able to pass through the test of home quarantine with this ease, major credit goes to the available streaming services like Netflix, binge-worthy web series and some incredible movies lately released on these platforms.

From Money Heist to Stranger Things, people have been going gaga about the top-rated and the most-watched series out there. But is it just us, or has it happened to you too, that you pick a series randomly, because why not, and it turns out to be a great watch? Yeah? So today we decided, why not help you find such hidden treasures and make your lockdown even better.

Following are the 5 underrated Netflix series you must binge watch before you run out of time, and the lockdown remains no more normal.

DARK: This is the first German series produced by Netflix. We highly recommend the show for its dramatic storyline and the pace at which it runs. As the two kids go missing in the story, four families involved are revealed with their dark pasts. If you are anything into supernatural elements and/or twisted relationships, this is the one for you.

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THE LAST KINGDOM: This is a British TV series inspired by The Saxon Stories, a popular novel series. It tells you the story of ‘Uhtred’, the young successor of Saxon who is put on a loyalty test after years of being captured and raised by Danes. With a great cast and phenomenal chemistry among all, it surprises us that it remains among the lesser popular watches on the platform.

FAUDA: Another thriller up our sleeves is this Israeli series that deals with a retired officer returning to his duty after he learns that the biggest enemy who he believed was killed by him, is still alive. This show will keep you on the edge of your seats, especially if you like espionage thrillers.

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SHE: This is the latest addition to the Indian original Netflix series featuring Aditi Pohankar and Vijay Varma in strong roles. This is about a female cop who goes undercover to fetch hold of the most wanted criminal in the city. If you have been longing for an Indian gritty thriller, look no further.

THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY: This thrilling adventure series is a full package with some intriguing punches, extraordinary performances and a great storyline. It tells the story of six individuals who solve a mystery while saving the world from an apocalypse. Interesting? Get going!

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Let us know your current favourite Netflix watch, and we must add any to the list. Happy binge-watching.

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