Our all-time favourite inspiring short stories to take you through the difficult times

Now and then we look for inspiration and motivation to keep doing what we love most. For that, we often look at inspiring short stories and stories that motivate us in ways more than one. We look for positive energy, want to be pumped for achieving our little and big goals in life.

Here are our top 3 most inspiring short stories of all time, with their morals to always remember:

1. The Elephant Rope: A gentleman in an elephant camp saw that instead of any cages or chains, the elephants were only held with a piece of rope tied to one of their legs. Curious to know why the elephants aren’t escaping by breaking the rope with their strength, he asked the trainer. The trainer told they used to tie the elephants with the same sized ropes when the elephants were young. Back then these pieces of ropes were enough to hold them back. They are conditioned to believe that even now, after growing up, they cannot break the ropes to set themselves free. This is why they never even try and do so.
Moral: You always need to have faith and belief in yourself. Believing you could do something is the most important step in actually doing it.

2. Three Sons and a Bundle of Sticks: A farmer had 3 hard-working sons who used to quarrel all the time. The old man decided to teach them the importance of unity. He called all the three sons and asked them to break some sticks separately. They were easily able to do so. The old man then gave them a bundle to sticks to break and none could break even after putting in a lot of efforts. The old man then explained to them that through this example he wanted to teach the kids how staying together will do benefits for them and rather quarrelling and staying separate could be equally harmful to each one of them.
Moral: When it comes to solving problems, instead of quarrelling or blaming each other, one should always work in a team for efficiency, overcoming the roadblocks. If there’s unity among the team, there’s no task huge enough that cannot be done.

3. Man and the Donkey: Once a man’s favourite donkey fell into a big pit-hole. He tried pulling him out but despite hard efforts, he couldn’t do so. He gave up soon and decided to bury the donkey alive. He started pouring in soil onto the donkey. The donkey used this as an opportunity to come out of the pit. The donkey shook-off the soil poured onto him and would step on it. He kept doing this with more soil being poured onto him and soon he was out and gazing.
Moral: Despite others throwing problems and hurdles in your way of doing anything, you must always look for the golden line. The more the problems, the higher you must rise.

What are some of your favourite inspiring short stories that make you learn a lesson? Tell us in the comments below.

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