Privacy Policy

OVERVIEW: The online internet house, ‘The Little Saga’ and the website [] recognises and understand that the users’ data, if any, shared on the website is their personal information and shall not be dispensed with anyone, whosoever. Hence, we ensure that the information shared by the user like username, email, etc. is not copied/transferred/shared/ or sold to any third party, under any conditions. The users are of prime significance for the website, and so is their information.

NOTIFICATION OF MODIFICATIONS AND CHANGES TO THE T&C AND PRIVACY POLICY: Over time, because the website continuously develops, as per the need and demand, we may change the terms and conditions and the privacy policy for stable running of the website. We independently, hold complete right to the needful changes as and when required according to the business requirements and changes. Thus we request all viewers/readers/subscribers/followers and users to re-read the terms and conditions and the privacy policy on the website at periodic intervals.

EXTERNAL LINKS ON THE WEBSITE: On the website, the user may come across content that consolidates links to other websites. The external links used on the website are for users’ interests and their better perception of the content and the context. The website [] however holds no control on the content issued by the other websites and hence hold no accountability for any website or the content that users read on other websites, redirected by the external links on the website].

MISCELLANEOUS: Users of the website [] must know and understand that the website [] has a complete right to modify/change/update/amend the content and holds the complete copyright of the content on the website.

QUERIES AND SUGGESTIONS: The online media house [THE LITTLE SAGA] strongly believes in changing for the better. In case of any queries/suggestions/complaints write to us at Your suggestions are most welcomed.

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