Will PLASMA THERAPY help save lives from the COVID-19 Pandemic?


It was almost a month and a half into the lockdown when the Delhi Ministry asked for the permissions from the Indian Central Government on testing the Plasma Therapy as a method to perhaps fighting the deadly COVID-19, with the objective to subdue the rising number of positive patients in the state.

Ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country and the world, the leaders have been trying every possible effort to find a way out of this disease. The pandemic resulted in a world-wide lockdown, heavily impacting the economy, the livelihood, the medical and political structure of several countries, and majorly altering the human behaviour. It is the absolute need of the hour to find a cure or a vaccine to save humankind.

Lately, the Delhi Government got a nod from the Centre on performing the clinical trial of the Plasma Therapy on the critically ill COVID-19 patients. Chief Minister, Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal says many patients in the recent cases have recovered swiftly and have returned their homes. However, on the other hand, the patients who are suffering from either heart or respiratory diseases are at a higher risk of losing their lives and Plasma Therapy could save them. Plasma Therapy has worked well in favour of the Delhi Government as it showed positive results.


This therapy involves the plasma transfusion from the blood of a recovered patient to the blood of a positive and critical patient. This allows the antibodies from the recovered person to entre the body of the infected person and help recover. On the same lines, the CM also requested the recovered patients to come forward, regardless of religion and region, and donate their blood to help conduct maximum plasma transfusions to save lives from the disease.

However, on Tuesday, the Health Ministry of India, taking a u-turn said that Plasma Therapy is no full-proof treatment for COVID-19 and is rather only one of the many therapies being tried and tested. The Health Ministry added that this particular therapy is still in the experimental phase and the Indian Council of Medical Research is yet to study and approve of its efficacy.

Around the world, there has been a lot of interest in using Plasma Therapy as a possible treatment for Covid-19. But unless there’s scientific proof or the repercussions are studied well, the Indian Government has cautioned on its use. Only time will tell when a full-proof medical treatment will be discovered to fight the COVID-19 pandemic which is getting worse with every passing day.

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