Narendra Modi: Need to re-write the Indian history

The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that their NDA government is rectifying the irregularities in writing down the history of the country as it did not give any importance to the heroes of the Indian Freedom struggle and other important historical events who sacrificed themselves for the nation.

While addressing the people after laying the cornerstone of the Maharaja Suheldev Memorial and the development work of Lake Chittaura in Bahraini, Uttar Pradesh, Narendra Modi via a video conference, made people realise the importance of remembering the heroes of Indian history without who’s immense contribution, India would not have been what it is today. He bewailed the certitude that all these forgotten heroes have not been given any justice in the history books that are available in the masses. As India approaches its 75th year of Independence, these corrections are the need of the hour.

“These irregularities and injustice against the makers of Indian history by the writers of Indian history are now being corrected as we are entering the 75th year of Independence.”

Emphasising the fact that all the Indian history does not only come from the colonial powers or can be seen only through colonial mindsets, he also reminded people of India that it is the common people and their culture who make this country what it is. History books fail to convey the truth when historians divert from the path of truth. Indian history books have been biased in their viewpoint and have had a history of providing false or neglected information to the readers. Our books glorify invaders like Timur and Babur and neglect to revisit history in a holistic nature. We have read glorifying texts about the Mughals, most of who looted and plundered our rich culture, but we hardly know about the glorious Vijayanagar Kingdom that ruled most parts of ancient India for 300 years or about the golden age that existed in India during the rule of the Guptas.

Most of our history books have been written from the perspective of the capital Delhi or the northern regions of the country as if that were all India had. We fail to acknowledge the rest of the country and their epic history of empires like Satavahana, Cholas, Chalukyas, Nagas or Ahoms in the Northeast. Ahoms ruled over Assam for about 600 years and even defeated the Mughals!

It is not about religion or perspective but to convey the right information and correct this absurd imbalance. We have heard that India was known as the ‘Sone Ki Chiriya’ but we have never really studied why was it called so. We never read about the thriving Indo-Roman trade or the influence of Indian civilization on Southeast Asia or the whole ancient history of Vedas!

We have learnt of how Mahatma Gandhi helped India gain independence from the British, but have we learnt about the complete history of what happened to Neta Ji or of the struggles of Dr B R Ambedkar?

Even Narendra Modi on the video conference asked his viewers whether they think that the first Prime Minister of Azad Hind Government, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, has been given the place he deserves or not? He emphasised that BJP has strengthened Neta Ji’s identity from Red fort to Andaman Nicobar. Similarly, he remembered Sardar Vallabh Patel who unified more than 500 princely states of the country.

“Today, the Statue of Unity, the world’s tallest statue is of Sardar Patel.”

Remembering the father of the Indian Constitution, Narendra Modi said every place linked with Dr Ambedkar from India to England are being developed like Panch Teertha. There are countless personalities who have been denied recognition for various reasons. PM Modi remembered the courageous hearts of Chauri Chaura and the contributions of Maharaja Suheldev as a development-driven king.

“Maharaja Suheldev has been kept alive in the hearts of people by the folklore of Awadh, Tarai and Poorvanchal despite being ignored by textbooks.” While some might argue that the current government will try its best to insert its “right-wing biases”, we still cannot neglect the need to obliterate the current Indian History Books for India to realize it’s full potential and grow into a future world power.

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