Kangana Ranaut says BJP, Congress offered election tickets but work on priority

Actress Kangana Ranaut hits the headlines again as she confesses that both Bhartiya Janta Party and Congress have offered her to join the respective parties with election tickets time and over again, but as an artist, she would like to stick to her work.

Over recent interviews, speculations were made that the ‘Manikarnika’ actress is in support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Talking about the same, the actress through a row of tweets clarified for all that she is neither a supporter of BJP nor that of Congress. She said in her tweets done by the twitter handle of ‘Team Kangana Ranaut’ that her family, especially her grandfather who has served as a Congress MLA for consecutive 15 years are very popular back home.

Kangana also said through the tweets that if she had to opt for politics it wouldn’t have been a difficult task for her provided her family’s involvement in politics. She asserted that just after her first film ‘Gangster’, Congress had offered her election tickets. She continued that after her hit biopic film based on the life of Maharani Laxmi Bai, ‘Manikarnika’, she has also been offered an election ticket by the ruling party BJP.

She said she can support whoever she wants to as an individual and as an independent thinker. She has previously been seen celebrating Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s win at the general elections. The actress further said that as an artist she is obsessed with her work and she would like to keep it like that. She so far has not thought of entering into Indian politics.

However on her fondness towards PM Modi, through another post on Team Kangana Ranaut page earlier, she said that PM Modi stands for a strong set of ideas and very strong visions. It takes a headstrong nation to be in sync to compliment what the Prime Minister visions for the country.

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