Rajasthan Government Crisis: Sachin Pilot set to fly alone?

After the CM Ashok Gehlot vs Deputy CM Sachin Pilot crisis in Rajasthan has been making headlines over a few days, around 100 MLAs, earlier today gathered at the Chief Minister’s residence in Jaipur, Rajasthan for a Congress Legislature Party meeting. In the meeting, the present MLAs showed the support towards CM Ashok Gehlot. Later, the MLAs were transferred to a hotel in the city to avoid any sort of poaching by the counterparts.

Whereas on the other hand, the Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Sachin Pilot has claimed to have the support of over 30 party MLAs, out of the 200-member state assembly. This also includes the Rajasthan cabinet minister Ramesh Meena who came out and said that he is in support of Sachin Pilot. The later has cleared that he isn’t interested at any point in joining the opposition (BJP). Does his rebel at this hour mean that Pilot is set to fly alone now?

However, as per a recent tweet by ANI, a close source to Sachin Pilot has informed that Ashok Gehlot’s government does not possess the numbers that it claims to have.

But the question that arises here is why has the situation got worse than ever before, this time? Let us understand.

After the pandemic and the countrywide lockdown imposed for several weeks, the political parties were forced to temporarily snooze their political activities. This was not it. This time the battle-lines between CM Ashok Gehlot and his number two have been drawn harder because of the Congress’s internal dynamics.

The tussle between the two Congress leaders in Rajasthan has been existing ever since the Congress high command decided to give Ashok Gehlot a third shot at chief ministership without consulting the efforts put-in by Sachin Pilot in winning the elections in the state. However, when back in January 2014, Pilot was given the charge of Rajasthan Congress, everyone close to him believed that he’d be chosen as the next CM in case the party wins the elections. But alas that didn’t happen for him.

The feud between the two escalated ever since Pilot was not considered for the chief ministership by the Congress high command in view of the Lok Sabha elections that were approaching soon. Both have been pubically passing comments on each other without directly taking names. Only time will tell how the events will unfold further for the Rajasthan Congress and the two leaders.

The old versus young tussle in Congress has led to a split in the party in Madhya Pradesh and something similar is now visible in Rajasthan.

For regular updates on the Rajasthan Government crisis, stay tuned.

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