Hong Kong Disneyland to shut again after a surge in Covid-19 cases

The popular Hong Kong Disneyland resort, that was reopened on 18th June 2020, after being shut for several weeks, is closing down again as the city tightened its rules and measures over social distancing. This has been done after 52 new coronavirus cases have been registered in the city lately.

A Disney (DIS) spokesperson stated that keeping in line with the government orders, the guidelines by the health authorities, and prioritizing the health of the visitors, the Hong Kong Disneyland will be once again temporarily closed with effect from 15th July 2020. The spokesperson also stated that however the hostels at the Hong Kong Disneyland shall be left open with precautions and safety measures, taken into consideration.

The authorities at the Hong Kong Disneyland have enhanced the safety and security measures at the resort, as per the health and government authorities generated guidelines. This includes increased sanitization of the resort and maintaining social distancing compulsorily.

If the reports are to be believed, the pandemic has hit hard the company’s business. So much so, that the company that earned over $26 billion in the financial year 2019 from just its resorts and parks, has suffered a fall of nearly 58% in its operating profits.

On the other hand, the opposite situation has been witnessed in Florida. The Disney resort in Orlando, Florida was recently opened on Saturday, 11th July 2020, despite the number of Covid-19 cases constantly increasing in the state.

Disney has taken into considerations the safety measures and is opening its resorts and parks in several cities and states around the world, one at a time.

Following the same lines, the newly appointed Chairman of the Disney Parks, Experience and Products,Josh D’Amaro, has recently commented that the Disney parks are safe for the guests and the authorities are prepared to operate in the new environment.

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