Detailed guidelines released as Gyms and Yoga centres reopen from August 5

The Union Health Ministry released the awaited guidelines for gymnasiums and yoga centres reopening from August 5, on Monday. As a part of the Unlock 3.0 guidelines issued by the government earlier this month, the government allowed the gyms and yoga institutes to reopen after being shut for long since March due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Following are the detailed guidelines issued by the government. However, gyms and yoga institutes remain closed down in containment zones. 

General guidelines: 

  1. Individuals must maintain a minimum of six feet distance among themselves. 
  2. Using a face mask is compulsory. The government further allows using a visor in case there’s difficulty in breathing caused by the masks. 
  3. Individuals necessarily practice handwashing at regular intervals and keep using hand-sanitiser. 
  4. Individuals must practice regular respiratory etiquettes like covering one’s nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing, etc. Spitting is strictly prohibited. 
  5. Individuals above the age of 65 years, children below the age of 10 years and pregnant women are advised to use gyms during Covid-19. 

Guidelines for institutes:

  1. The gyms and yoga institutes must only allow asymptomatic individuals in the premises, including the staff members. 
  2. Posters and/or standees must be displayed prominently in the premises on prevention measures for coronavirus. 
  3. In the premises, audio and video clips must be regularly played to spread awareness around Covid-19 and its preventive measures. 
  4. Especially in yoga centres, individuals must be directed to take off their footwear outside the premises. 
  5. Details like check-in and check-out timings, name, address and phone numbers of the individuals etc. must be recorded for all.
  6. Floors, carpets, and mats must be cleaned regularly between sessions. Deep cleansing of washrooms must be ensured. 
  7. Before closing down the institutes each day, the entire premises including the equipment, reception, washrooms etc. must be disinfected. 
  8. Individuals must be asked to sanitise their hands each time while using any equipment. 
  9. Contactless online and card-based payments must be promoted by the institutes.



Guidelines for conducting activities:

  1. Open spaces must be favoured and used whenever possible by the yoga centres.
  2. Yogic kriya must be evaded if possible and should be done in open spaces if have to. 
  3. Session timings in gyms and yoga institutes must be gapped by 15 to 30 minutes each in between. 
  4. Whenever possible by the institutes, preference should be laid upon online classes. 
  5. Activities involving physical contact must be avoided. A minimum of a 6 feet difference between the trainer and the individuals must be maintained all the time. 
  6. Activities including laughter or shouting must be avoided. 

The guidelines for gyms and yoga institutes also includes that spas, saunas, pools and steam baths at the centres must remain closed for individuals’ use. However, facilities like locker rooms, toilets, shoe cabinets etc, could be allowed to use with regular sanitization. 

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