Beirut blast: Mayor says the explosion was like that of Hiroshima 

Over dozens dead and thousands have been reported injured in the sudden blast at Lebanese capital, Beirut. The health minister says the blast so far has killed over 27 people and have injured more than 2500 others. However, no reason is clear behind the Beirut blast. 

The explosion happened near the port region, and immediately after the videos and photographs of the blast started making rounds on the internet. The posted videos of the Beirut blast clearly show a massive and sudden blast that shakes the entire surrounding and generates a column of smoke followed by a mushroom-like cloud. 

Beirut blast

Hospitals and medical institutes are reportedly flooded with the injured increasing every few minutes. Many buildings, over-bridges, roads and apartments have been highly damaged because of the sudden Beirut blast. 

An internal security chief from Lebanon said that the Beirut blast has taken place in an area where there is the housing of highly explosive materials. This Beirut blast has worsened the situation for the country in times of Covid-19 and the downfall of the economy. 

If some reports are to be believed, the Beirut blast may be an unfortunate accident. The National News Agency of Lebanon reported that earlier a fire broke out at the explosives depot near the port which later took the face of this massive blast. Local media has also shown footages of damages caused to life and property around the area. 

The Governor of Beirut has said that the Beirut blast has happened similar to that of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The mushroom clouds as seen in the footages resemble similar to those of Hiroshima and Nagasaki nearly 75 years ago in Japan. 

An emergency meeting of the Supreme Defence Council has been called by President Michel Aoun. Also, Wednesday, 5 August 2020, has been declared a day of mourning, says the prime minister. 

Stay tuned for recent updates on the Beirut blast in Lebanon. 

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