India Unlock 3.0: New guidelines include re-opening gyms  

Unlock 3.0 is here with new guidelines for coronavirus in India. The Ministry of Home Affairs released the new guidelines to be followed for the third phase of unlocking the coronavirus lockdown in the country.

The new guidelines appear as a major relief for the gymnasiums and yoga centre as the government allows re-opening of gyms and yoga training centres from 05th August 2020 in unlock 3.0. The yoga centres and other training centres have been shut ever since the first lockdown in March was imposed by the government to curb the spread of Covid-19. The standard operating procedure (SOP) for the gyms and training centres is yet to be issued by the Health Ministry. However, in the containment zones, the lockdown has been extended till August 31.

On the other hand, the educational institutions, cinema halls and metro rail services will still remain shut for the time being till August 31. The central government is encouraging here online and digital education. During unlock 3.0, public places like entertainment parks, cinema halls, auditoriums, bars, swimming pools, international air travel for passengers, assembly halls and similar places will remain shut.

Moreover, as per the guidelines of unlock 3.0, large social gatherings like that for a political event, social, sports or entertainment event, cultural and religious event, academic events and other events involving mass will not be permitted. The centre has affirmed that the separate operating procedure (SOP) and dates for mass activities as above, shall be separately provided in time to come.

The guidelines for unlock 3.0 also permits the celebrations of Independence Day to be conducted on August 15 with maintaining social distancing and other health protocols. This shall apply to both public and private celebrations.

The centre further emphasises on the fact that the states and UTs must identify the containment zones and areas with a higher rate of Covid-19 cases and must keep the lockdown extended in such areas until August 31. Only essential activities must be allowed in containment zones like medical emergencies and essential goods/services.

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