Meet Sumeet Vyas, internet’s favorite boyfriend, who says he doesn’t look like an actor and that’s what has worked here!

From performing a short role in the Bollywood flick ‘English Vinglish’ to fetching a lead role against Kalki Koechlin, Sumeet Vyas has come a long way, and sure wants to go more!

The most popular on-screen boyfriend, has won hearts all over, making internet go crazy about him. The new heartthrob in the town, Sumeet Vyas,has been here for long. Mikesh Choudhary from the popular web series, Permanent Roommates, try not to get the ‘popularity’, ‘attention’ and ‘all crush’ to his head.
An English daily website, talked to Sumeet Vyas, about his past, the present and of course, what he looks up to in the near future in this industry.

Ladies and gentlemen, and the crazy fan girls (including me), this is Sumeet Vyas AKA Mikesh Choudhary for you:

Sumeet Vyas

“I love the attention but I won’t let it get to my head.”
Of course, it’s really flattering. I would be lying if I say I didn’t like this attention, I love it. People who have never noticed you are suddenly interested in you and are following you, so you’re like ‘Acha, really?!’ All this attention and praise, all of that feels great. The thing is that it’s taken long, actually very long for me to get here. So, it’s more valued and I’m able to deal with it better. I’m not letting it get to my head like other people. I know how it feels when this is not happening, when people are not around, not curious to know what you’re up to. So, I value this more.

But I know that this is happening because of the work that I’m doing, followed by the kind of content that we’ve created. People are really interested in this character that we’ve worked hard to develop. They love him and because of him, they’re interested in you. Because there are better-looking actors than me, in all formats. I know I’m not the best-looking guy in the industry, so even though I enjoy this attention, I don’t take this to heart.”

“People are disappointed to see that I’m not like Mikesh IRL.”
“I’m not like Mikesh at all, which is why it was so much fun to play him. He’s so naive and so different from who I am. For him, everybody is good, there are no bad people anywhere. I know such people in life too and amazingly, good things happen to these people. So yes, Mikesh is real, there’s nothing pretentious about him, which is why people like him so much more. It’s so easy to like him. So people are surprised and disappointed to see that I’m not anything like him. They’re like, ‘Arey, he’s not done anything funny or goofy at all, he’s not fun to watch.'”

Sumeet Vyas

“The web series heroes work because they’re believable.”
Of late, film heroes are so unbelievable. They’re shown as such overachievers in life. They look a certain way, can beat up 20 bad guys in one go, they’re so good looking and they end up with these perfect women; they’re basically unbelievable. In comparison to that, web series are making believable characters with believable problems. Their problems are that they can’t find a house, or the Aquaguard is not functioning, you know.”

“For the first time, not looking like an actor is working for me.”
Rakhi Sandilya (the director) saw Permanent Roommates and approached me for Ribbon after that. She’s a documentary filmmaker and wanted a very real looking couple for her film. For the longest time, I thought I’ll never get the leading part in a film. Because all the leading parts were written for people who looked a certain way, all beefed up and glamorous. But now luckily, people are thinking beyond that, writing characters and stories beyond that. For once, looking like a real person is working in my favour. So, Ribbon, is not your usual, run-of-the-mill romcom. It traces a couple’s life from the first year of marriage to pregnancy and their first child. So, I spent time with a four-day-old baby and I was quite freaked out about it too. But thankfully, I did okay.”

Sumeet Vyas

“I’m moving on from the nice guy roles. If not the asshole, I want to be the guy with real problems and a real life.”
“Things have changed after Permanent Roommates but even now, a lot of parts that I’m approached for, I don’t go ahead with them because I have a certain plan for the kind of parts I want to do, the kind of films I want to do. Like I won’t do another goofy role right after Mikesh. At the risk of losing out on a lot of work and money, I still say no to these characters. One has to make that choice, take that risk after all. But all my years in the field have changed how I approach things. Now I know, kuch to kar hi lenge yaar. Something will happen. It’s a good time to be in the industry because people are willing to take these risks, write these parts for people like me. I’ve played the nice guy twice, but now I want to play something different. If not the asshole, at least the guy with real problems and real situations in life.”

“I did Parched without caring about my screen time
Parched came to me last year and I was convinced because of the kind of talent that was involved in the film. For me, the length of my part didn’t matter, and it didn’t matter that it was a women-centric film. As long as it’s a good story and as long as my character is contributing towards the story, I’ll take up the role happily.”

Stop being so handsome Sumeet Vyas, you are making it difficult for the other boys.
You are going to stay here for long, very long. ♥
source: Vagabomb

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