Sara Ali Khan looks promising in ‘Kedarnath’ trailer! Will she outshine Janhvi?

Both star kids, Sara Ali Khan, and Janhvi Kapoor, made their debut into the industry this year with Janhvi Kapoor in ‘Dhadak’ and Sara Ali Khan in ‘Kedarnath’ which is set to release on 07th of December 2018. Bollywood is an industry that welcomes everyone with open arms but you need to prove your mettle to survive. It is one competitive place. While Sara, after her debut ‘Kedarnath’ will be soon seen on the silver screen again in the same month with ‘Simmba’ opposite Ranveer Singh, Janhvi is taking it slow.

The two superstar kids have seemed to already become darlings of the Bollywood enthusiasts. From their fashion quotient to their private parties, from their airport looks to their media appearances, from their debuts to their future projects, the ladies are in the headlines for almost everything. With their popularity and them becoming the new favorites, they cannot escape the constant comparisons drawn between them.

With the release of Kedarnath trailer, Sara Ali Khan has sure won many hearts. Sara looks promising. With her dialogue delivery, chemistry with Sushant Singh Rajput and the little that we could grasp from the trailer, she’s definitely not here for just a couple of flicks. Sara has it in her. Coming from a family of brilliant actors, Sara knows she has the responsibility to take it forward.

Kedarnath Trailer

At the Kedarnath trailer launch, Sara opened up about what she’d like to imbibe from her stepmother and Bollywood actor Kareena Kapoor Khan. Sharing that she’s in awe of Kareena’s work ethic, Sara said, “I think Kareena is extremely professional. The way she does her work, it’s amazing. So I would want to imbibe her professionalism.” Be it her inspiration from her step-mother Kareena or into her genes from Saif and Amrita Singh, Sara looks like she’s been made for this.

Earlier this year, after the release of ‘Dhadak’, when Janhvi was asked if she believes Sara is her competition, she said, “There is no competition. I am looking forward to watching her films as an audience member. She holds great promise and I think women should support each other.”

Kedarnath Trailer

Well, both the ladies have put in their 100% in their debut movies, but who wins the awards is yet to be seen. However, twitteratis are going bonkers after the release of the Kedarnath trailer and feel that Sara is a perfect package of beauty, talent, and charm. Here are some of the reactions:

Having watched Janhvi’s performance in Dhadak and with Sara’s appearance in Kedarnath trailer, here is what we think about these star kids. Both have certainly taken the internet by storm and have a humongous fan following, already. Sara has outshined Janhvi with the trailer itself. The young diva has given a spectacular performance and is being appreciated by the audience and the critics alike.

Sara came out confident in front of the media unlike Janhvi in her first few media appearances. Perhaps, Sara had the opportunity to learn from Janhvi’s mistakes. At the recent Kedarnath trailer launch, talking about the movie, and the immense love she’s been receiving ever since the movie was announced, she said, “Thank you so much for always showering me with warmth and support, though I haven’t done anything to deserve it as yet, hopefully, I will, after you see the movie”. Sara had the courage to say it out loud that she doesn’t deserve the attention she’s been receiving so far so, but hope she’ll become worthy enough, as and when the audience likes her performance in the two back-to-back releases this December.

Giving the credit to the script of the movie, when asked about what made her choose ‘Kedarnath’, the debutante said, “My mom (Amrita Singh) and dad (Saif Ali Khan) were very supportive. when I got to be a part ‘Kedarnath’. But I loved the script so much, I wasn’t going to listen to anyone”.

The budding actress also appreciated her co-star, Sushant Singh Rajput. She said, “I don’t think I would have been able to do any of it without Sushant. He was so helpful. There were days when I was scared, but he was so hands on. He taught me Hindi. Inshallah, I learned a bit of acting from him as well”.

Kedarnath Trailer

Well, she seems confident in the Kedarnath trailer, and otherwise. Will she be able to do better than Janhvi in her debut and lead in the race to win the best debutante this year, only time will tell. For now, we believe the girl has got the spark, and we cannot wait to see her on the silver screen with Abhishek Kapoor’s Kedarnath releasing December 07 and Rohit Shetty’s Simmba set to release on 28th December.

We wish the young talented diva good luck for the movies. What do you think about her? Do you find her promising and outshining Janhvi? Or do you feel Janhvi had a far better performance? Let us know in the comments below.

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