Reliance Jio free services extended till 31st March 2017

It was a few months back when the entire country was standing in long queues to get that one sim card they have lately heard of -Reliance Jio. The country was the happiest when Reliance chairman, managing director and largest shareholder of Reliance Industries Limited, went public and announced that he is introducing a new sim named ‘JIO’ which is a step towards digital India. He promised and delivered free data and free voice call, to local and national users.

As soon as the announcement was made, people rushed to the nearby stores and grabbed the sim cards. Soon, Reliance Jio earned more than 52 million subscribers, and is growing faster than social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.
What’s even more exciting for the millions of Reliance Jio users is that the chairman Mukesh Ambani loves them even more. In a major announcement, he said they are changing the ‘Welcome Offer’ to ‘Happy New Year Offer’ and the free services so far availed by the users, which were limited till 31st December 2016, have now been extended to 31st March 2017.

Reliance Jio
Like seriously? Can you believe that? He really did it! India surely was waiting to hear this and smiles are all over 🙂

Jio is claiming that they are the fastest growing telecom company and that makes sense with almost 6 lakh people coming on board every single day. Ambani also claims that they have been able to reach such a huge mass not just because of the ‘free’ data and voice call services but also because they had the best sim activation process.
But there’s a catch, ladies and gentlemen. The new, extended ‘Happy New Year Offer’ comes with an FUP limit that is only 1GB per day, compared to the 4GB FUP on the Welcome Offer. Yes, that’s right, only 1 GB per day.

Does the plan changes?
NO. The current users who have availed the ‘Welcome Offer’ will continue to take advantage of the applications, data and voice calls for free till 31st March 2017, and the new users, who come on board after December 4th, 2016, will be straight added to the ‘Happy New Year Offer’. Everything remains the same except the data usage that has been reduced from 4GB per day to 1GB per day, per user.

What about the speed and voice call drops?
As per the chairman, Mukesh Ambani, out of the total 100 Reliance Jio towers, it is only 8 towers that are facing the congestion problem, rest 92 are working with the optimum speed. Moreover, he says, the voice call drop rates are now down to 20 per cent from the earlier 90 per cent.

What about Reliance delivering sim cards at home?
YES. This is true too. Reliance Jio, to provide the customer/users a relief from the long queues, will now deliver the sim cards at your address and the sim cards will be activated within 5 minutes with the help of eKYC. This service is set go live in 100 cities around the country from December 31st 2016.

What else could you have asked for in the times of demonetization? Free Pizzas probably? Oh, while that dream comes true, let’s stay stuck to free data and calls!

“Hello, ha mummy… zara hold pe raho… free hai”

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