Kareena Kapoor Khan gets candid as she talks about her radio debut, pressures of parenting, and more!

After having done movies for 18 years, Bebo makes her radio debut with What Women Want. She believes today is the best time to be on any platform to speak about things. Kareena says, “Be it radio, web or theatre, I think it’s a good time for art, it’s a good time for content, and why I agreed to do this is because I loved the concept of the show.”


The working mother seemed excited and optimistic about the show she’s soon going to host on Radio Channel Íshq’104 FM. In her recent interview, she said, “On the show, we have had strong women like Karishma, Sunny Leone, digital sensation Mallika Dua, and others who have spoken out so vociferously. On this show, we are talking about things that people will really connect to. It is a positive show and we are hoping that people from every episode will take back so much more.”

Kareena has hit the headlines time and over again for her comments on burning issues. When asked about what does she meant when she said that she doesn’t believe in feminism, the Bollywood actress said, “When I said I don’t believe in feminism, I definitely said I don’t believe in the way feminism is being portrayed today. It’s not only about, that you have to be a social activist and that’s it. What I am doing with my life goes to show enough that I am a feminist than anything else.”

Kareena and Saif’s son, Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi needs to introduction now. He had been an internet sensation since the first time he was clicked. From his waves to the media, to his one-word replies to paparazzi, from his outfits to his play sessions with his dad, every little thing he does becomes a breaking news.


Taimur is again in the limelight because of his replica doll being sold out in the market. The worried and helpless mother and Bollywood diva expressed her feelings and gave it a very positive approach. She said, “I discussed with Saif and asked him what to do and he said, as parents what can we do. We can say ok fine, somebody is doing this, they are selling it, they are blessing him and are making money out it, so in a way my son in indirectly doing something good.  That’s the only spirit, as parents we can take it in.”

The Bajrangi star continued speaking, “It is dangerous for us. The test is in us. The pressure is on Saif and me. He is still small but is registering that he’s being clicked because they call his name, but we are worrying constantly. It is up to us to give him a normal upbringing, and we are struggling to do that. I want him to fly, I want him to be free and if this is the cost, then I and Saif are dealing with it. It’s a struggle every single day.”

The superstar will be next seen in Karan Johar directorial ‘Takth’ opposite Akshay Kumar which revolves around a couple trying to have a baby.

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