The irreplaceable Priyanka Chopra and her journey towards global domination!

PRIYANKA CHOPRA, well these two words are enough to tell one how successful one could be. I often wonder, is there anything, Priyanka Chopra cannot do at the moment? She is such an inspiration. She became Miss World in 2000, when she was just 17. Like seriously? When I was 17 I didn’t even know what to wear to dinner party! Duh!

Year 2016 has been the best of all for her. In less than 365 days, Priyanka Chopra has captured the imagination of the world. Going from being India’s one of the biggest stars, to a name that resounds on the biggest platforms globally. 2016 was the year that just kept getting bigger.


Headlining ‘Quantico’, a truly global TV show broadcast in over 212 countries and in 56 languages around the world, joining the cast of ‘Baywatch’, one of the most anticipated movie of 2017, all this while, she was creating a legacy. She became the First South Asian actress to win People’s Choice Awards, listed among 100 most influential people in the world, graced magazine covers all over the world, crowned one of Hollywood’s new royals by W magazine, presented at the Oscars 2016, attended the White House Correspondent’s dinner, awarded with the Padma Shri (the fourth highest civilian honor in India), became the founder of Talent Samurai of Purple Pebble Pictures (created with a vision to create a platform for great stories to be told, irrespective of the genre and language), became the first Bollywood actress to produce a successful digital show, won star of the year award, presented at the Emmy Awards 2016 and what not. And she isn’t done yet. She hosted the UN’s Global Citizen Festival in New York and her ‘Quantico Season 2’ launched with a bang on September 25, 2016.

Priyanka Chopra says, “I don’t want to be a label, I want to break the stereotypes. I want to be a legacy.” Talking about her early days, she says she has suffered criticism but nothing could bend her down. Rather, everything helped her to gather her courage and move forward towards her goals. She is really unstoppable at the moment, like she has always been. She says, “I don’t think I was the most beautiful girl in the world. I think I won because I was well spoken and I was decently turned out. The stars aligned that day. But I taught myself to be the best version of myself over the years.”

Priyanka Chopra wallper

Priyanka Chopra has always been a Daddy’s girl like her tattoo on the right arm says. She has that tattoo written in her father’s handwriting. Her father passed away in 2013 due to cancer. PC says, “I’m really good at fixing things and dealing with things. When the big shit hits the fan: I’m the one who’ll stand up and say, ‘Alright, this is the solution. We can do this. This is fixable.’ But I couldn’t do that with my dad.” She really is a tough girl.

She encourages every woman to stand for self as she wants to see every woman winning. She has always put her mind in front of all irrespective of what others have to say about it. “I know everything is about diversity right now. But I think it should be about humanity. It’s 2016. It’s so easy to separate ourselves and become smaller and smaller pieces of humanity,” she says. “I don’t like the phrase ‘woman of color.’ I feel like that puts women in a box. I’m a woman, whether I’m white, Black, brown, green, blue, or pink — whatever. I think we need to start looking beyond that. It would be a big win for women, period.” Like here, she always had a point in her statements.
She is also exceedingly pragmatic about her growing celebrity. She knows the game and the rules of engagement. “If I walk out on the streets and there are paparazzi taking my picture, I’m not hypocritical enough to turn around and say, ‘Don’t take my picture,’” she says. “It’s their job to do it. I feel like 90% of my life is an open book. I don’t even save any pictures. Any time I need to show a reference of myself, I Google it. Anything about me is on Google.” I wonder, isn’t Google like her personal Facebook page? Haha…


“There’s a saying in India, that drops of water make the ocean. You have just got to consistently work at it. Because no one’s ever going to give it to you,” Chopra says. No one is ever going to give it to you. Even if you’re the most beautiful woman in the world, even if you’re a huge star who has spent almost half her life by now on screen, even if you are Priyanka Chopra, Miss World: You have to earn every win, every drop in the ocean, for yourself.

Taking India where it’s never been before, in the world of entertainment, Priyanka Chopra has become India’s first truly global superstar. How epic is she?

Much love and more power to you gorgeous <3

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