Interestingly, 5 Ways Your Phone Can Help You Lose Weight

Let’s admit it guys, no matter how determined we are, or how much we motivate ourselves, after a certain period, we start finding it difficult to continue working out. Procrastination and laziness comes in our way to achieve the goal of being fit. Not just this, we are busy, we have offices and meetings to attend, friends to chill out with and family to give time towards the end of the day. Between the hustle-bustle, we could hardly make time for things like yoga, gymming or even talking a morning run. We don’t realize but we have made our smartphones, our best friends (or even more than that). Wherever we go, it should come with us. We could forget anything while moving out of our homes, but certainly not our smartphones. So why not utilize it the best way we could?

Smartphones are called smart for a reason. They just do not help us wake up early, plan meetings, message friends, keep a watch on calendars and important dates, remind us of the things to do and company us with a great list of songs when we travel or have nothing to do, but they can also help us lose weight. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? I am personally loving this idea. If you are as excited and happy to know how can our phone help us shed those extra kilos, keep reading.
There are certain mobile applications that will not only guide you in the right direction and give you some great tips but will also help you plan a schedule, set goals and achieve them in the period.

  • SWORKIT: 1

    This amazing application allows you make a video (personalized video) of the exercises and the workouts that fit your body and life. You would be glad to know that more than 14 million people use it every day. It is easy to use. All you need to do is to select the type of workout you want to do like yoga, strength, cardio, etc. and set the time for how long you want to do it. You then just need to follow the video trainer.


    Here, the best part is, not only can you customize the videos as per your type of exercises and routine, but the application will also stop you from quitting in between (if you were about to). Apart from the great motivation, the bonus here is that you can have a weekly chat with the trainers and experts and can ask them all your queries and questions.


    It is not just an exercise application, but a training hub. It is more specifically designed for women. It has a long list of exercise tutorials (more than 100) which focuses on every single body part and tips to get in shape. The app also offers nutritional advices, diet tips, cool challenges and you can also create your own playlist here.


    Not only can you pick videos from a range of over 5000 fitness videos according to your expertise, fitness goals, area of exercise and interests, but you can also book a personal trainer, just like you would do at a real gym by paying a little extra amount.


    This is a perfect application for those who have a busy schedule. Why? Because this application mainly focuses on the workouts that involve less time and can be done quickly.

So which digital fitness coach are you heading to?

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