Here’s How To Look TALLER In Pictures!

Height certainly plays a great role in your overall personality. A good height can help you pull off any attire and look absolutely stunning. People with good height are always looked as the best people to connect with. Everyone like the tall people around and being friends with them. For short people out there it is really difficult at times to deal with all those ‘comments’ and ‘remarks’ that are said by the people for are fortunate enough to be blessed with good height. People with short heights often hear things like, ‘you are perfect for my armrest’, ‘are you a large child or a small adult’, etc. But as they say, every coin has two sides, similarly, being short too have its own perks. If you are short height you will always be adored, most guys will be taller than you, you can easily wear heels without being too tall, lots of legroom, tippy toe kisses and you look younger than you really are.

People with good height have always made fun of the ones with shorter height. But not anymore. If you are also one among them who have always wanted to look taller, here’s something you can do!

Even if not in real lives, you can absolutely cheat your height in pictures. Wondering how? Don’t worry people. Today, I am here to help you out and tell you how to look taller in photos. With the following 5 posing tips you can slay in the photos and look taller than ever. Watch the space:

    posing-tip-1By taking the pictures from a low angle you can easily add almost three inches to your height. How to do that? It’s easy, just try to position your camera slightly below your waist and angled upwards, pose and get clicked ‘taller’.
    posing-tip-2Create the perception of a longer frame by crossing one leg over the other. This will help you to make your legs appear longer making you look even taller.
    posing-tip-5Extend your legs by taking long strides. Talking one large step forward will always add an extra dimension to the photo, helping you look taller.
    posing-tip-3Have your body fit the entire frame to play with propositions. This tricks the mind of the viewer to believe that you are tallest object in the frame.
    posing-tip-4Clothes too can do wonders and help you look taller. If you are short heighted, wear high waist bottoms to elongate the lower half of your body. Always remember, the flared, the better.

Go, get yourself clicked 🙂 Thank me later pals!


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