Get ready for some fun emojis soon to be introduced by Apple!

Given the advancement in the technology and people becoming more aware about online media and the use of internet, people accepting the new things in the culture is now nothing new.

The moment there’s a new update in the phone, or a new update of any application, people do it immediately and it becomes a trend.
A lot of things has incredibly changed in the past one decade. From people waking up to reading newspapers and a cup of coffee ☕️ in the morning, to today reading the top headlines in their smartphones, from calling their friends over landlines ☎️ to now doing audio/video calls over smartphones 📱 and applications like Facetime, WhatsApp, etc.

One such new trend that was highly accepted and appreciated around the world was the introduction of emojis and their use in different applications. Emojis certainly made our lives easier but complex at the same time. How, you may ask!

The use of emojis eased out the burden of writing the entire sentence. Like for example, instead of writing “bring me a burger, some fries, and a veggie wrap,” one could easy write, “bring me 🍔 🍟 🌯”. Easy, right?

But at the same time, it has made communicating complex over smartphones, because their are some emojis that have been misunderstood widely, like 🙏👏👋🍑🍆
Also, there have been many emojis existing in our emoji keyboard, that we have no idea what to do with, like ⚛️☢️💢⚜️🔱➿◾️⬛️
And on the other hand there are some repetitions seen with several emojis like, why so many trains? 🚃🚋🚞🚝🚈🚅🚄 or why so many notes and books? 📃📄📑📜📈📉📔📚📙📊📉📈📕📗📔 or why so many letters? ✉️📩📨📧🏷 or why so many clocks? ⏱⏲⏰🕰

One thing that ’emojis’ were highly criticised for around the world, was skin tone of the emojis. Initially there was only one skin tone that was offered: white. And therefore it became a debatable issue. Therefore, some the emoji makers came up with different skin tones of every single emoji, like this, 👩🏻👩🏼👩🏽👩🏾👩🏿

Whatever it has been, we all have loved it. I personally use emojis a lot to express my feeling to my family, friends and loved ones while communicating through applications. I am a big-time fan of these emojis and the way they make things easier. And this is the reason why I an extremely happy about the fact that Apple is soon going to introduce some cool new emojis.

Apple announced earlier this week that a load of new emoji will roll out to iOS devices later this year. And this might be the most diverse group yet, from everything from zebras to yogis Let’s have a look.

  • Barbing face: We have had the sick face for a little while, but this guy is a bit more expressive. This is a perfect choice when something or someone is really getting to you.
  • T-Rex: It’s hard to believe we’ve gone this long without a genuine dinosaur emoji, but Apple is ending our collective nightmare later this year by a bonafied Tyrannosaurus. Bless.
  • Breast feeding: Another overdue option! According to emojipedia, the guidelines for this emoji recommend that the baby is positioned in a way that avoids revealing the skin tone to avoid the situation where the skin tone of the baby will only correlate to the skin tone of the mother.
  • Zombie: We never wanted for a zombie emoji, but here it is, regardless. Possible use: when you have pulled an all-nighter, and haven’t had your coffee.
  • Exploding head: There’s only one thing to say about this emoji. It is in fact, one of mankind’s greatest achievements of the digital age. Perfection.
  • Zebra: Because if there are two separate camel emoji, there should be a gosh darn zebra already.
  • Bearded person: For all those times you must communicate about like a burly lumberjack and just can’t put it into actual words. Pairs well with the bicep emoji for all those daddies out there.
  • Person in lotus position: Achieve inner bliss. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Omm.
  • Elf: When LARPing isn’t enough, take the dungeons, dragons and assorted Baphometry to iMessage. Apple, thanks.
  • Star stuck: A natural companion to the heart eye emoji. The star stuck emoji pairs well with celebrity sightings, and are a natural way to compliment your friends when their look is particularly on point.
  • Crazy face: This seems excessive given the assortment of other tongue flapping emoji on offer, but sure, deploy this when you are feeling truly delirious.

How grateful and excited are you for these emojis? Tell me the comments below.
I can’t thank you enough Apple! <3

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